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B. Getting Started

Getting Started

The Basics of GCD 4.0 Software

This video just explains the basic commands and hand to get around in the GCD 4.0 Software.

Concept of a Project and Simulations in GCD 4.0

This video covers how GCD 4.0 uses projects and simulations to organize your analyses.

A Primer on the Sulphur Creek Tutorial Data

This video runs through the Sulphur Creek Tutorial Example data (below), which is used in the next  to do a basic DoD Analysis.

Grid Concurrency - A prerequisite to GCD 4

Although it seems a simple task, producing concurrent grids is a major nightmare in ArcGIS. If you don't know what concurrency even is, then you should watch the video. If you know what concurrency is, the best advice I can give you is to round your raster extents to nice whole numbers and make sure your raster width and height are evenly divisible by your cell resolution. If that does not make sense to you, you can watch this rather long-winded (50 minute) video lecture and tutorial, goes over all the necessary background and the nuts and bolts of how you do this. You can cut to the last 10 minutes if you just want the pointers. The lecture slides can be found here:

The Raster Concurrency Nightmare in ArcGIS