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D. Types of DoD Analyses


Old Pathways

The above is an example of a Pathway 1 DoD Analysis with no uncertainty analysis in DoD 3.0. This is analgous to the Basic DoD Analysis in GCD 4.0.

In the previous version of the software (DoD 3.0), the types of DoD Analysis were explained in terms of Pathways from a flow-chart from the Wheaton (2008; Chapter Four) Thesis (see figure at left). The pathways were helpful for thinking about the primary different types of analyses in that wizard based version of the software. However, in GCD 4, there are many more options then the flow-chart highlights.

It is important to understand the distinction between the process of estimating errors in your individual DEMs, and the process of propagating those errors and choosing a technique by which to threshold your DEM of difference (DoD).

This video explains the differences: